We Called Raccoon Removal In Highland Park

Last summer, our family had a very interesting experience. Our home is located a little ways up the canyon, so we often see a variety of wildlife. However, we never expected this. It was late at night, and my daughter went out to the garage to get something out of the car. As soon as she opened the door, she stopped dead in her tracks. There were three raccoons on the top of our freezer eating out of the bag of cat food. She was stunned. They must have gotten through the small cat door, and our cat was nowhere to be seen. She came and got us from inside the house to see what she had found. As we all crept up to the door, we realized that not one raccoon even minded that we were around or noticed our presence at all.

At first we thought that it was amusing, and we video taped the raccoons for a while. The next day, though, our cat was missing, and we started getting worried and called the raccoon removal in Highland Park. The next night, we tried to drive the raccoons out of our garage with a broom, and it did not work very well. The next day, the raccoon removal in Highland Park came and took care of our problem. A few days later, to our relief, our cat finally came back.