Putting Pit Bulls To Good Use Protecting American Families

Pit bulls have been getting bad press lately. The news seems always to emphasize something bad about the breed. This focus is not always fair. Dogs act aggressively based on how their owners train them. Yes, pit bulls are large, strong and aggressive dogs, but families can put these traits to good use.

Here are some things that pit bulls can do to keep families safe.

1. Home Security

The aggressiveness that some bad people take advantage of in pit bulls can be a positive. The dogs can guard property with the proper instruction.

In today’s often-violent society, in which the United States has more people in jail than any other country, home security is a smart move. No parent wants to have their family harmed by criminals. A good watch dog can be the solution.

2. Protection During Crises

Some breeds are more loyal to their owners than are others. Pit bulls have a reputation for developing a strong attachment to their families. This loyalty can lead the dog to great lengths to save its loved ones.

When danger lurks, some dogs run for cover or need owners to save them. In contrast, the pit bull leaps into action. Pits have saved families and other dogs during fires, for example. Perhaps they should be the breed kept in firehouses.

3. Scaring Off Other Animals

In rural areas, or suburban spots near ravines, rivers and valleys, many different feral animals wander onto human property. The damage can be substantial. From knocking over and spreading garbage to getting into and destroying plant beds, wild animals can be a problem.

Smaller, less courageous dogs will often run from unknown animal intruders. In fact, some families report having their small family dogs attacked by birds and wolves.

Pit bulls will usually attempt to protect themselves and families from such intrusions. In fact, a pit bull raised around a small dog or cat may try to protect it as well. Those families who have lost their “toy” dogs to aggressive critters probably would have been better off with a pit to help its friend in need.

Becoming a Pit Bull Owner

The discrimination and prejudice against the American pit bull terrier breed is not necessarily unwarranted. Yet, it is human decisions to use the dogs inappropriately that result in the problems. Families who want protection from criminals, in crisis situations and against wandering wildlife should consider purchasing a pit bull.

Contacting a breeder with blue pit bulls for sale is the first step. Doing so is important because a purebred pit will exude all the best qualities of this dog.


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