Tips To Help Keep Your Pet Flea-Free For New Pet Owners

If you recently purchased a new puppy or kitten, you’re no doubt excited about all of the years of love and enjoyment that you’ll get from your pet. But being a pet owner also comes with responsibility. Your pet depends on you for everything, and that includes staying clean. One specific thing that could harm your pet if it is not properly taken care of is fleas. Here are a few tips to keep in mind that will minimize your pet’s risk of contracting fleas.

Bathe Your Pet Regularly But Don’t Overdo It

Probably the best way to rid your pet of fleas and prevent the pests from breeding is to give your pet a regular bath. Doing so will drown the fleas, and you can even use special shampoos that will help provide your pet with further protection. However, your animal’s fur coat and skin can be dried out if you wash it too often. Bathe at the first sign of fleas so that they can’t spread, and continue to bathe on a regular schedule (no more often than this) because fleas don’t tend to stick around on clean animals.

Pay Attention to Your Yard

Your pet is not the only thing you should pay attention to when it comes to fleas. You should also be mindful of areas of your property that could harvest the little pests. Keep your grass nicely groomed in the summertime. A poorly maintained yard is a perfect breeding ground for fleas and other pests. If you know your yard is not in good condition, don’t send your animal out there until the problem is taken care of.

Stay in Touch with Your Veterinarian

A local vet or animal hospital like Clayton Veterinary Associate should be contacted at the first sign of a possible problem with fleas with your pet. You may be able to get a special chemical or treatment from your vet that can help your pet battle the problem. Veterinarians will also be up to date with the latest tools like special flea combs that can be used to keep your dog or cat’s hair as healthy as possible. Ensuring that your pet is properly vaccinated can also make it less likely for the pet to develop problems that could attract fleas.

If you are a new pet owner and are concerned about fleas, you should get your pet into a regular cleaning and bathing routine. Don’t let your pet go outside if the lawn is in bad shape, and keep your grass cut and your bushes trimmed to help keep fleas and other problems at bay. If you encounter any problems, contact your local animal hospital or holistic veterinarian for advice as soon as possible.

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