New Puppy In Your Life? Tips To Help It Stay Healthy And Happy

If you have a new puppy, there are many things you will have to deal with. For example, it may urinate in your home, not sleep well, and more. Below are some tips to help you get through the puppy stage, as well as keeping it healthy, so you can enjoy your puppy.


Many puppies cry at night when everyone goes to sleep, especially if they are crated in another area, such as a garage. Instead, move the crate to your bedroom. Hearing your breathing sounds will calm them, and help them sleep better.  You also may want to consider sitting a ticking clock or a fan next to the crate. Anything that makes a constant sound can help it fall asleep.

Submissive Urination

When you get your puppy potty trained, they may still have submissive urination. Most puppies do this when they get excited, and they cannot help it. Helping your puppy release some energy can help. Take it outside every day to play, and keep it running around until your puppy wears themselves out.

If it gets excited when you get home after a day away, ignore them when you walk through the door. If they see you are not excited to see them, they will likely calm down. After a few minutes, bend down on their level, and pet and love on them.

You will notice your puppy is shaking their hind end when it submissive pees. Try to scratch it right above the tail area to calm them.


Your puppy’s food is important to keep it healthy. When shopping for the food, look at the ingredients. The first five listed are what is mostly included in the puppy food.  For example, the first ingredient listed is the highest percentage that is in the food.

Your puppy needs protein in his/her diet, such as lamb, beef, and chicken. Make sure this protein is listed in the first five ingredients, and preferably the first ingredient.  Puppies also do better on grain free food. Corn is considered a grain, and it is hard for him/her to digest, so make sure this is not listed as one of the ingredients.

You will have a very happy and playful puppy if you follow these tips. You should also make sure your puppy sees a veterinarian  at a place like Aspen Park Veterinary Hospital as soon as he/she comes home, and back to scheduled visits for immunizations and checkups.

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