Pamper Your Pooch With Some Color For Spring!

People often get spring makeovers – for themselves and their pets. The trend toward dyed doggies and painted pooches is growing, but is it safe? Industry experts say yes, as long as you handle the grooming with caution. This is what you should know.

A Little Color Is Fine – As Long As The Chemicals Aren’t Toxic

The number one precaution is to make sure that your groomer is using products that are safe for your pet, and that means knowing what’s in the products being used. Your dog’s skin is more sensitive to toxic chemicals than your skin is, and products containing bleach or other oxidizing chemicals should never be used on your pup.

Some groomers prefer to use products marketed specifically for pets. Others prefer hypoallergenic products for humans, because the FDA requires disclosure of the ingredients 

One of the hottest new products on the market is pet chalk. Non-toxic pet chalk is an inexpensive way to decorate your dog. It has the advantage of being non-permanent, as well, which means that you don’t have to make a long-term design commitment. It can generally be washed out easily, though it might leave a slight stain on pale coats.

If you want just a little color, you can go for a striking rainbow of streaks on your dog’s ears or tail, or give him or her a brilliantly colored mohawk. If your dog has short fur, you can go with stars or butterflies stenciled over his or her coat. 

It’s Worth It If You Think It’s Worth It (And Your Pooch Will Love The Attention, Anyhow)!

Chalking is fairly inexpensive—starting at about $2 for a simple streak—and it’s fun. You can always up your canine’s couture by adding glitter to fur, or a little polish on his or her nails. Or, combine color and creative grooming to sculpt your dog’s coat into any design you see fit. As long as you aren’t inflicting pain (no piercings, please!), there’s no harm in it – your dog certainly isn’t going to mind. 

Think of it this way: dogs are social creatures and they don’t care what color they are, or what shape you cut into their fur. Your efforts to dress up your dog aren’t going to go unnoticed, and your dog is bound to benefit from all that attention. Most dogs are more than willing to sacrifice a little dignity, if it means more belly and ear rubs! (Your cat, however, may not feel the same way.)

Dog grooming (such as is provided by Abraxas Pet Resort) is good for your pup’s skin and coat, and is often necessary to keep skin problems and nails under control. It can also be fun, too, so if you’re looking for a way for you and your best friend to celebrate spring together—consider a little chalk to get some color for spring!

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