Three Tips To Reduce The Risk Of Ear Mites Infesting Your Dog’s Ears

While a major ear mite infestation won’t be life-threatening to your dog, it will cause a lot of pain and scratching. To treat an ear mite infestation that has already become large enough for your pet to notice, many specialized creams and sprays are available. However, if you want to significantly reduce the risk of ear mites ever getting a foothold on your dog’s ears, these three tips are essential.

Thoroughly Wash Your Dog’s Ears After Contact With A Lot Of Shrubs On A Walk

Plant leaves are some of the most attractive spots for mites to congregate because of their edibility. If your dog has a habit of sticking his snout into shrubs or other low-lying plants, there’s a good chance that at least a few mites have landed in his ears.

To remedy this problem after a walk, thoroughly wash your dog’s ears with warm water, soap, and a washcloth that isn’t too coarse. If you don’t want to wash your dog’s ears after every walk, try to find a walking route with only a small amount of shrubs around it.

Hose Any Trees In Your Backyard To Get Rid Of Mites

Some mites fall from trees if they sense any vibration below them. To protect your dog from getting covered in mites while he’s in the backyard, lightly soak all your trees in water with a hose.

This is especially important to do if there hasn’t been any rain in your neighborhood in a long time. Also, when you’re spraying water on backyard trees, make sure not to apply so much that you’re pushing individual leaves off. If you can’t adjust the pressure on your hose, stand farther away from a tree as you’re soaking it.

Always Vacuum Under Your Furniture Before Sizable Dust Bunnies Form

It’s important to keep up a frequent vacuuming schedule if you want to eliminate any mites from lingering on your carpets. But if you ignore any sizable dust bunnies under your furniture while you’re vacuuming, mites of all kinds will have a safe haven to survive on. So especially if your dog likes to stick his face under your furniture, move chairs and sofas during every vacuuming session.

If you don’t protect your dog’s health from relatively minor matters like ear mites, his constitution could be weakened enough to make way for a major infection. Prevention is key if you don’t want to merely react to a problem with your dog’s ears as it manifests itself. For more information, contact a business such as Marcum Road Animal Hospital.