Going Away for a While? Why Cat Boarding Beats Having a Pet Sitter

Cats are relatively self-sufficient creatures when you go away for a day or two. You simply fill up their bowls with food and water and take off. Going away for longer than that, however, leads you to the dilemma of who will watch over them while you are away. If you plan on taking an extended vacation or need to leave the area on business for a while and you have a pet cat that will need to be cared for, you may have wondered if a boarding service would be better than hiring a pet sitter. Here are some of the reasons why taking your pet to a boarding service may be a beneficial choice when you are away for a substantial amount of time.

Medical Issues Are Handled Promptly

If you have a cat with medical problems, you are most likely scared to leave them with a pet sitter popping in once or twice a day as they might not be there when a medical situation arises. Bringing your cat to a boarding facility will give you the peace of mind that someone is available around the clock to check on your cat. If they do not have a veterinarian on site, they will be able to call one if there is an emergency.

No Need to Open Up Your Home

When hiring a pet sitter, even if it is a close friend or family member, there is always that nagging feeling in the back of your mind that someone is looking through your belongings while you are not at home. If you prefer privacy or if you are worried about someone stealing from you, taking your cat to a boarding facility will alleviate this fear. Your home will remain locked and you won’t have to worry about someone getting inside your home while you are away.

Your Cat Will Have a Vacation As Well

Take the time to visit a few facilities and select one that seems quiet with plenty of space for your cat to roam around. Make sure they do not house cats together in the same area to avoid the spread of disease. Check for sanitary conditions as well.

When you bring your cat to the boarding service you select, it will have plenty of attention from the caregivers. They will pet your cat, speak to it often, and encourage it to play with cat toys. Your cat will enjoy basking in sunny windows, climbing on cat furniture, and snoozing on comfortable bedding.

Bring along one of your pet’s toys or a favorite blanket so it has a familiar item in its living quarters during its stay. Many cat boarding facilities offer pet grooming, allowing your cat to be pampered while vacationing.  When you pick up your pet, you might find that it had a more relaxing time than you had! Look for a pet boarding facility that suits your needs, such as one like Georgetown Veterinary Hospital Inc.