4 Reasons To Vaccinate Your Indoor Cat

Many indoor cat owners believe that their cats do not need vaccinations because their cats will never be exposed to anything since they stay inside all day. However, this is actually not the case. Here are four reasons to vaccinate your indoor cat:

  1. Your Cat ​Can Accidentally Get Outdoors: First of all, it can be difficult to keep your cat inside. If you go on vacation and you ask family or neighbors to watch your cat, they may not be as careful getting into the house to be sure that your cat does not get out. There is also a chance that someone in your home will forget to close the door or a certain window that your cat can escape out of. Whatever the case, since there is a chance your cat can get out, you definitely want to ease your worry by getting them vaccinated. Cats are generally curious animals and will possibly get in fights with a stray cat or another animal that can lead your cat to becoming sick. 
  2. Not Vaccinating Makes Herpesvirus Worse: Some cats are exposed to the disease herpesvirus while in their mommy’s tummy or at an early age while they are still with their mother before being adopted out to a family. Having a cat that has the disease herpesvirus is out of your control however, you can keep the symptoms as subtle as possible by keeping your cat up to date on vaccinations. Without being vaccinated, your cat’s chance of suffering from eye sight or breathing problems will be much higher. 
  3. Pests Can Come Into Your Home: Many homeowners deal with the problem of pests, including rats and mice, which are animals that typically carry horrible diseases that your cat could contract from them. If your cat catches one of the pests, they can easily become ill, but their chances of being infected with some type of disease or virus is less if they are vaccinated. 
  4. It May be Required at Some Point: If you ever want to adopt another animal or you want to take your cat to a pet care facility while away on vacation, you will probably be required to show proof of cat vaccinations. Without vaccinations for your cat, you can be denied to adopt another animal or take your cat to a pet care facility. 

When you know these reasons to vaccinate your indoor cat, you can better understand why it’s so important for your cat’s overall health.